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Who We Are !!!!!
Springfield Cartage, LLC takes pride in providing our drivers high miles and productive time when they are on the road, combined with return loads that bring you back to the Ohio area.

Our Outbound loads are normally Multi Stop, averaging 2 to 4 stops per load. And the Return load is normally a single delivery as close to Dayton OH as we can get. There is very little waiting time during or between loads.

Our Main lanes are from Dayton OH to the West Coast and return. From Dayton to Texas and points in the Mid and Southwest and return. And from Dayton to the South, down I75 to GA and FL, again returning to the Ohio area. About 30% of our freight goes East into Upstate New York and New England and returning to Ohio.

Normal hiring is from The Dayton OH area, but the volume on some of these primary lanes provide hiring opportunities along these routes.

We have Over the Road Single Drivers and Teams in assigned Freightliner Columbia and Cascadia tractors. Plus, a portion of our fleet, are Owner Operators.

Company Driver Pay Structure !!!
Over-the-Road Single Driver rates have ranged from $.33 to as high as $.38 per mile prior to GM leaving Dayton. However, since then and during the recession and continuing thru the tough economic times, in order to be competitive and keep a continued high volume of freight available, we have had to be more competitive with our Customer Freight Rates.

As a result our Driver Starting Rate was reduced to $ .30 thru 2010. In April 2011 we increased Single Driver pay to $ .31 per mile. As things improved Springfield Cartage went to to $ .32.  Plus $25 per Stop-Off. We are currently considering an increase to $.34 per mile.

With very little non-productive waiting time on the road, a single driver can expect to average 2800 to 3200 miles per week, . We have always paid a competitive rate which is the "mileage" rate "times"  efficient and high miles.  Mileage pay is calculated using Prophesy Milemaker set at 104%. Generally, quite fair and comparable to PC Miler Practical miles. Single Drivers normally select from loads to the Midwest / Southwest and South to GA, FL, with about 25% of our loads going  East and Northeast. Single drivers also handle West and Northwest team-type freight when delivery schedules allow.

Company Teams Pay Structure !!! 
Teams are paid $ .48 per mile split between Drivers, plus $30 stop-off. The West Coast is the normal destination for our Teams. We have significant volume into CA, OR, and WA. Sometimes with stop-offs enroute. When empty the return load is normally directly back to the Ohio area.

Pay Day is every Friday for the prior weeks activity. And all Company positions include available 401K Options, Direct Deposit and Vacation Benefits.

Owner Operator Pay Structure !!!
Owner Operators receive $1.00 per mile on ALL Dispatched miles to areas OTHER THAN East. This would include the Outbound Miles until Empty, ALL Deadhead Miles to a Backhaul pick up point, and the return load to the Delivery destination and back to Dayton. Any Tolls are not paid. Fuel Surcharge is also paid on the Outbound load Only.

Owner Operator loads to the East receive $1.05 per mile on all dispatched miles and ALL Tolls are paid. . As with Company trucks, ALL miles are calculated at 104%. This allows Owner Operators to quickly calculate what their revenue will be. Loads to the East receive Fuel Surcharge on ALL TRIP MILES.  Any Stop-offs for Owner Operators are paid at $40 per stop off. Company Vehicles and Owner Operators are treated equally within the Dispatch Pool.

Download the Driver's Employment Application
Click here to download the Driver's Employment Application.pdf

You may either mail or fax your signed and completed application as follows:
mail to: Glenn
Springfield Cartage LLC
1546 Stanley Avenue
Dayton, Ohio 45404
fax to: 1-937-222-2101

For more information:
email: jobs@springfieldcartage.us
call: 1-877-256-1026   xt. 107
  Click here to download a .pdf reader, if needed.

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